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Pooja Aysola, MD

Each month we spotlight a woman from our ranks -- be sure to say hello to Dr. Pooja Aysola if you see her around.

Name: Pooja Aysola, MD

Professional Role: Emergency Physician at St. Anne's Hospital, Director of ED Quality, Faculty Member at Alpert Medical School, and soon to be full-time student!

Hallway where you are most likely to run into me:  St. Anne’s Hospital in Fall River, 2nd floor small group rooms at Warren Alpert Medical School, or my "office", the café at The Dean Hotel :)

Thing I am most excited about in my current work: So many things! I am very excited to launch the next phase of my career with an MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management. I am looking to pursue opportunities in health care technology to create change in health care. I am mostly interested in using AI to create price transparency, reduce resource utilization, and maintain quality care. All while making our lives as clinicians easier. Phew!

What I like most about collaborating: I love learning from people who think differently than I do. I think our world view is shaped by who we are and where we come from, and in order to truly make a difference in the world we need to learn from as many people as possible. So, if you want to grab a coffee or a beer, reach out!

Something important that a role model, mentor, or sponsor taught me: “You know what you’re doing, and you’re good at it”. I was given this key piece of advice by a mentor while I was a resident in Emergency Medicine. It sounds simple, but I still have to remind myself of it on a regular basis. 

3 things I like to do outside of work:  Running, traveling to beautiful places, and craft beer – preferably all 3 combined! Currently on a mission to find the most beautiful half marathons around the world, so if you know of any, let me know!

Book I would recommendBad Blood by John Carreyrou and the Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix and Hulu – In addition to being pop culture’s latest infatuation, both are fascinating stories and cautionary tales about individuals who truly thought they were going to change the world. Essentially horror stories for modern day entrepreneurs.