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Jessica Plavicki, PhD

Each month we spotlight a woman from our ranks -- be sure to say hello to Dr. Jessica Plavicki if you see her around.

Jessica Plavicki, PhDName: Jessica Plavicki, PhD

Professional Role: Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Hallway where you are most likely to run into me:  the 5th floor of the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine at 70 Ship Street

Thing I am most excited about in my current work: I am most excited about how the current research projects in my lab utilize variety a techniques that provide new dimensions to our research program. These include optogenetic manipulations of multiple cell-types during embryogenesis, the use of functional neuroimaging to understand the effects of genetic mutations and environmental exposures on brain development, and the ability to perform EKG and echocardiogram on our experimental model, zebrafish.

What I like most about collaborating: Since being at Brown, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with scientists from a variety of disciplines. I love learning about research topics that are outside of my area of expertise and find that collaborations inspire me to explore new and exciting ways to approach my research questions.

Something important that a role model, mentor, or sponsor taught me: My graduate advisor taught me the value of making figures that could be interpreted without reading a figure legend. This approach to making figures has been incredibly valuable across multiple scientific communication platforms.

3 things I like to do outside of work:  I love to run, bike, and make art with my kids.

Book I would recommend: “The History of Love” by Nicole Krauss. It is not, as the name may suggest, a sappy love story.  Instead, it is a beautifully written, interwoven tale told by multiple narrators that highlights to complexity love, existence, and loss.