Division of Biology and Medicine
Office of Women in Medicine & Science

Judy Liu, MD, PhD

Each month, we spotlight a woman from our community. Please be sure to say "hi!" to Dr. Judy Liu if you see her around.

Judy Liu
Professional Role: Physician Scientist: I'm a neurologist and developmental neuroscientist.
Hallway where you are most likely to run into me: Getting a bagel while traveling between campus wet laboratory and Rhode Island Hospital (pre-Covid). Right now, it would be on zoom!
Thing I am most excited about in my current work: Doing work on understanding rare genetic epilepsies that might lead to new treatments
Because of Covid, I... am more interested in learning about computational approaches in neuroscience research
Something important that a role model, mentor, or sponsor taught me: To listen to colleagues and trainees. They teach me more than I teach them.
3 things I like to do outside of work: Biking the East Bay Bike Path; Cooking Indian Food; Walking my dog on the beach
Book/movie I would recommend: I just binged two seasons of the Mandolorian with my 8th grader. Honestly, baby Yoda is way too cute!