Division of Biology and Medicine
Office of Women in Medicine & Science

The Third Chapter

The Third Chapter is a bi-monthly meeting space to “identify, validate and actualize our multidimensional selves.”  Since the group's first meeting in 2021, attendees have explored a variety of topics chosen to help them reconnect with the parts of themselves that were put on hold because of other demands. Examples include The Quiet Place, What Really Matters, Flow, Stuff and Identify, Authentic Happiness, Restorative Spaces, Spirituality, The Things We Carry and the Things that Carry Us, Celebrating our Shared Spaces, What Makes us Happy, Metaphors, Pivoting.  While meetings are open to all, they resonate most with those in their ‘Third Chapter’ (the 'First Chapter' being our years of study and the 'Second Chapter' being our years of career) who have found a little more flexibility for themselves amidst other responsibilities.


Led by Dr. Betsy TollDr. Deb Herman, and Dr. Ulrike Mende, the Third Chapter Group meets every 1-2 months over dinner to chat and learn in a safe and welcoming space about the many themes of this
important and rich time of career and life. Meetings alternate between Sunday night and a weeknight, with hybrid meetings combining in person and Zoom options. If you are interested in more information, please email one of the leaders to be added to the invitation emails.