Division of Biology and Medicine
Office of Women in Medicine & Science


As our communities grapple with the coronavirus pandemic and women in medicine and science are stretched thin with mounting responsibilities, we are urged to practice "self-care" and take time for wellness. Sometimes it feels like these admonishments are just another item on our endless "to do" lists!

If you are struggling, please know that you are not alone. Nobody is totally "okay" right now.

You may have exhausted your own ideas for how to lift your spirits. We crowdsourced the following tips from our Advisory Board members about how to pass some time, take your mind off your troubles, or amuse your quarantine buddies. Remember, it is also okay to just take a break and do nothing.

Sometimes you just need to flop on the couch and watch a great movie or TV series. Here are some you might not have seen yet:
We know the sourdough starter became kind of a joke, but many OWIMS Board members have passed time at home whipping up healthy meals OR indulging more decadent cravings.