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What's On TV?

Sometimes you just need to flop on the couch and watch a great movie or TV series. Here are some you might not have seen yet:

  • America’s Test Kitchen (Amazon, iTunes)

  • Billions (Showtime)

  • Blow Up (YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play)

  • Emma (Amazon Prime)

  • Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

  • Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, ABC)

  • Harriett (Amazon Prime)

  • Homeland (Showtime)

  • Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

  • Ozark (Netflix)

  • Schitt’s Creek (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube)

  • Seven Days Out (Netflix)

  • The Lego Show (YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play)

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel (Amazon Prime)

  • The Queen's Gambit

  • Younger (Hulu)