Division of Biology and Medicine
Office of Women in Medicine & Science

MomDocFamily a multi-disciplinary group of women doctors representing all stages of careers and medical training. We are committed to supporting one another's efforts to attain professional success and personal satisfaction. Included in our mission is our dedication to learn from each other's experiences by openly discussing career and parenting strategies.

MomDocFamily (MDF) is co-directed by Dr. Lynn E. Taylor and Dr. Alice Y. Kim. They have been friends and colleagues for 22 years since residency in Brown’s General Internal Medicine program.

MomDocFamily (MDF) Advisory Board:
Cassandra L. Carberry MD, MS, FACOG; Tina Rizack, MD, MPH, FNCBC; Caroline A. Chang, MD; Garima Dosi, MD, RPVI; Noelle Pruzan, MD; Molly Tracy, MD

For more information, visit the MomDocFamily website.